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Autumn Season Healing Series
time:        sunday evenings 8.30pm – 10pm Amsterdam time
location:  wherever you are
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This autumn we offer you a powerfull set of 4 distant group healings.

Autumn is about change and parting from ’life as we know it’.

Every session deals with these issues from a different perspective. Combined, the 4 sessions offer you a powerfull transformation tool.

You can also participate in selected healings.
But participating in the full program will give you best results.

During the healing to can comfortly lay down or sit down.
In case you have an activity during a healing, you will still benefit the healing. It will happen in the background.

The healings:

November 10th    Standing Strong During Change. 

November 24th    Liberating Your True Potential.

December 8st      In Our Hearts Love Resides 

December 22nd  Feeling One With Everything


- full program of 4 healings  €150
  (valid until Sun. Nov 10th

- per single healing              €  45


Please send a selfie to PHOTO@LAVAHEALING.NL
Or send a link to an online photo of yourself.

More information about the healings:

Standing Strong During Change.  
Sunday November 10

Goal of the healing:

During this session focus on resolving emotional blockages that keep you from accepting life as it is right NOW. This way you are better able to appreciate and embrace the new form in which life presents itself to you.

Changes can evoke fear: fear of the unknown. We all know that changes are part of life: life is change. Dealing with changes is sometimes difficult and painful. Life asks us to let go of our attachment and resistance and to surrender to "that which is." The purpose of this session is to be able to cope better with changes.

Liberating Your True Potential

Sunday November 24th

Goal of the healing:
This treatment leads you straight through your limiting beliefs into the awareness of your full potential.

In emotionally difficult times, it is easy to forget what potential we have to adapt ourselves. Awareness of your potential gives you strength to deal with what needs to be dealt with in your life. Discovering and using our potential is like a precious gem within ourselves: situations in our lives challenge us to recognize and use our inner diamonds.

In Our Hearts Love Resides
Sunday December 8th

Goal of the healing:

Saying goodbye to the known requires anchoring ourselves in that which is permanent in ourselves:  Love

Love is not just a feeling, it is a primal force that is anchored in our being. This love is unconditional: Love gives comfort, bridges contradictions, offers ultimate safety to let go of the old. Allowing Love into your heart sometimes requires courage: love requires unconditional acceptance of the form in which your life manifests itself. This session wants to bring you in a deeper connection with your own source: Love.

Feeling One With Everything
Sunday November 22nd

Goal of the healing:
Change requires letting go of the known. At a deeper level, life asks us to let go of the image we have of "life." Life shows itself to us at a deeper level: as Unity in which everything is connected to everything. In this change happens a continuous birth of ’’the new’’. The Oneness is who we are in essence. This session wants to lead you into Oneness.

Extra support

Even though the program has a deep working effect, you may still feel the need for some extra individual support. An individual session can then be of help. Individual sessions offer a laser focus on patterns that seem to be more stuck. Please contact me for bookings and more information.